Arash Ghasemi(March26,1984)

He is an Iranian musician, composer, and vocalist

He has studied music and he has always been keen to produce several albums in this way. Now he is conductor of Miras Ensemble

Born  in Tehran

Genres    Traditional music

Instruments   Oud, Setar, Clarinet


(Arash Ghasemi was born in Tehran (Mrach26, 1984

He began studying Setar under the supervision of Ata Jangouk and also continued learning his professional instrument Oud and Clarinet under the teaching of  Akbar Mohammadi and continued studying traditional theories of music and arrangements under Dr. Hasan Riahi.

Significant Works


He has already participated in many important festivals all over the world and also he has been accompanied by some of Iranian traditional music and  many misicians.

(Shahnameh congress by UNESCO and Azad university in the center of Encyclopedia Islamica with Amir Sadeghi(November 2011

(Participation in 27th Fajr International Music Festival in the City Theater with Faghiheh Soltani(Februry 2012

(Participation in Ferdowsi Hall with Amir Sadeghi, for anniversary of Mir Jalaldin Kazazi(October 2012

(Participation in Khoniagarn Festival in Lorestan cultural Center, so receiving first class(Februry 2013

(Participation in Andisheh Cultural Center with Jaleh Sadeghian and Kazem Hajir anniversary concert for Nowruz International Celebration(March 2013

(Live program on TV Show(Inja Iran Ast:) in Jame Jam chanel(April 2013

(Participation in Hamasehsazan Congrass in Milad Hall(May 2013

(Participation in 29th Fajr International Music Festival in Arike Iranian Cineplex with Jaleh Sadeghian and Anosh Azimi(Februry 2014

(Participation in Conference Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning ( about light, sound in art) in the Great Islamic Encyclopedia Center(October 2014

(Participation in 30th Fajr International Music Festival in Gorgan City( Februry 2015

Participation in Niavaran Cultural Center with Bamdad Falahati as a vocalist, also with the presence of Seyed Mohammad Khatami (pervious president in Iran) for anniversary of Persian Literature and Poetry (September 2015)

International Concert

(Participation in Tashkent of Uzbakestan with Mojtaba Asgari as a vocalist(April 2015

(Participation in Kormancze university in Almati Kazaskhstan with Mojtaba Asgari (April 2015

(Participation in Ayazor Literature Institute in Almati Kazakhstan with Mojtaba Asgari (April 2015

(Participatio in Art university in Astaneh Kazakhstan with Mojtaba Asgari(April 2015

(Participation in Khan shartyr Entertainment Center in Astaneh Kazakhstan(April 2015

(Participation in The Shoe Factory Nicosia Cyprus with Bamdad Falahati (April 2016

(Participation in university of Nicosia in Cyprus(April 2016

(Participation in Grine American University in Grine Northern Cyprus(April 2016

(Participation in Elysee Hall in Paris( April 2017

(Participation in International Book Fair in Paris(April 2017

(Participation in Cascais in Central Amphitheater in Portugal (April 2017

(Participation in Lispon university in Portugal(April2017

(Participation in Jeronimos monastery (April 2017

(Participation in Teotro Mignel Franco in Liria(April 2017

(Paricipation in Casa del Reloj in Madrid, Spain in Matadero Madrid(April2017

(Participation in Espai Francesca Bonnemaisson in Barcelon, Spain (April 2017

(Participation in Literature Congress (about Shahriar) in Near East University in Northern Cyprus(April2017


Setar Palyer in Musical Album Gozashteh, Hale Estemrari (Past, Peresent Continuse) by Karen Homayounfar Published by Ava Khorshid

Arrangement , singing and performing in Bestrewing Gem Album with the presence of Behzad Farahani, Jaleh Sadeghian and Bamdad Falahati published by Center of Hozeh Honari

Arrangment, singing and performing in Khayyam and Mirza Abdollah Album published by Miras Naghmehaye Kohan

Arrangment and performing in Tick-Tock Life Album published by Miras Naghmehaye Kohan

Publishing a track Nakonad Bahar Amade Bashad( probably Spring comes) lyric by Shahriar

Publishing a track Entezar (Waiting)  lyric by Molana

Publishing a track Harfe Dorost (true word )lyric by Parvin Etesami.


(Arash Ghasemi was awarded the 1st class in Young soloist performing Festival(2001).

He was awarded the 1st class in arrangement of sound track of Play in Puppet theatre Festival for four times.

Receiving diploma  of Honor for creating  sound track of play Parehaye mah (Parts of Moon) in 5th international kids theater  festival

He was awarded 1st class  in 4th internationsal music in  Lorestan Artistic Center

Receiving Cultural Award from India Olympiad theatre Festival

Cooperation with Iran’s National Orchestra

Cooperation with Academic Orchestra as a composer

Cooperation with Younes Amreh Cultural Institute for organization Saadi and Younes Congress.

Creating sound track for Dooye Manfi ( Mines Two) film, director by  Hajar Khangholi  also ,it has plyed in Aparat program.